Establishing Sales and Service Centers

Establishing Sales and Service Centers

A sales and service center will allow you to significantly increase your profitability through optimizing and improving your customer service. Today they have become commonplace amongst larger companies and are widely considered to be an absolutely vital part of providing a satisfactory level of customer service.

However, in order to have an effective sales and service call center it must be custom designed to meet the needs of the company it serves and this is where ICSC can help. If you are interested in setting up a call center of any size for the purposes of telemarketing services, sales, customer retention, customer service, and so on then ICSC can definitely be of service.

The creation of a sales and service center is a complex operation that has to take many variables into account and is spread across a number of stages. However, with us helping you the process is sure to be smooth and relatively simple with every stage carried out at the highest level professionalism.


The Stages of Building a Sales and Service Center


Data Collection – An in-depth analysis of the organization, its services, products, needs, competitors and objectives. This data will be used to design the foundation of the center, its size and what roles it will perform.


Planning the Center – Planning the infrastructure, finding a location, designing the work stations, the acoustics and more.


Planning Work Procedures – Building sales and management tools, building an employee incentives model and creating training programs.


Staff Recruitment – Finding employees to work at the center such as phone representatives, telemarketing agents, marketing professionals, managers and so on.


Training – A comprehensive sales course, call scripts, telemarketing services training, telephone sales, etc.


Consultations – Supervision, call monitoring, measurement of sales goals, leads and so on.


Thanks to years of experience, innovative tools and highly trained staff, ICSC is able to guide you through every stage of setting up a calls center, from the inception of the idea until the point where it is a fully functional, dynamic and vibrant reality.