Establishing a Technical Support Center

Establishing a Technical Support Center

The creation of a technical support center is a complex process which consist of numerous stages such as designing the center, acquiring the necessary equipment, recruiting competent staff, planning work procedures and so on.

In order to create the best quality support center none of these stages can be compromised on and therefore when going about this process it is necessary to receive advice from a specialized company that is highly experienced.

ICSC has years of experience and all the tools and latest technologies needed to help any organization create a state of the art technical support center.


The Stages of Setting Up a Technical Support Center


As mentioned setting up a technical support center is a complex task with a number of important stages if the project is to be a success, including:


Needs Assessment – Understanding the needs of the organization, determining the size of the center, number of employees needed, planning work processes and roles, and so on.


Designing the Call Center – Workstations, infrastructure, acoustics, lighting and all the other elements needed for a good working environment.


Establishing the Call Center – Bringing the previous two stages together to actually create the physical call center.


Recruitment and Training – Interviewing and hiring workers for all the positions in the call center, designing training materials, call scripts and so on.


Implementation of Systems – Selecting information and telephony systems and implementing them in the call center.


Solutions Support – Providing support and solutions for manufacturers in the field of computers, internet, mobile and software.


Technical support centers make use of advanced technology in order to provide remote technical support. ICSC places a special emphasis on implementing remote support technology in order for its customers to offer the best service possible.


ICSC has years of experience establishing all manner of technical support centers. The company’s employees are divided into teams and each team provides the best possible service within its field, whether it’s training staff, providing support or any other area of implementation.